What is Tanning Water?
Our tanning water is the invisible tan! The days of Thursday night tanning and walking around in your onsie to not get anything in the house is over. Lavish Tanning water can be applied and within seconds you will be touch dry and ready to get dressed.
Our tan is transfer proof, so it won’t come off on your clothes, dries without any sticky residue and the best part is you won’t smell of fake tan!
How do you apply Lavish Tanning Water?
Firstly don't drink it! We recommend spraying the body liberally with Lavish Tanning Water and then running over your body with a tanning mitt.
How often do you need to reapply Lavish Tanning Water?
Once you get to your desired level of glow, reapply every 2-3 days to maintain the colour.
Can you use Lavish Tanning Water on the face?
Our tanning water can be use on the entire body so your face can also enjoy the benefits of the added collagen and hyaluronic acid.
What kind of DHA does our Tanning Water use?
We import the highest quality 100% natural DHA from France to ensure you get a flawless glow.
What are the benefits of collegian peptides?
studies have shown that collagen peptides may help slow the aging of your skin by reducing wrinkles and dryness.
Are Lavish Skincare products tested on animals?
No, we only use our friends and family as guinea pigs, we would never test on sweet bunnies.
How long will my tan last?
Our Tanning water has been developed to last up to 7 days and fade naturally like a sun tan.
What is the shelf life?
Our products last 1 year once opened and 2 years unopened.
Are your products vegan?
Collagen Peptides are derived from animals so we are not currently vegan but are working towards finding innovative ways to provide a vegan collagen in the future.
Want to become a wholesaler?
Please contact us at glow@lavishskincare.com.au
You haven’t answered my question?
If we haven’t covered your question on this page please email glow@lavishskincare.com.au.
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